break free, be wild


Step 1

Book Your Escape

Choose your Outpost, cabin size, and dates. We’ll send you the exact address of your cabin upon booking.

Step 2

Sit Back

You’ll get an email and text with your cabin name and keycode. Our team will be available by email and text should you need anything.

Step 3

Just Be

Lock away your phone, connect with loved ones, and enjoy quiet time in nature. You’ll have everything you need to truly relax.

We believe in building balance into modern life — taking the time to rest and unplug from the daily hustle and to focus on ourselves, our relationships, and the wonder of nature.


Despite our cabins being privately owned, we hold our landlords to the highest standard, requiring a minimum in hygiene, provisions rooms and other features.

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Smoke Detector

In most of our cabins a smoke detector is installed, that way you can feel safe and enjoy your vacation even more.

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A mesh network of access points makes sure that no matter where you are in the kabin, you can access the internet in most of our cabins.

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You don't have to worry about bringing along towels, pillow cases or other essentias, as they often will be provided by the landlord.

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Most of our cabins have a free parking spot either next or very near to the cabin. If a cabin doesn't have a parking spot, there will be some places near the cabin you'll be able to park.

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We recommend picknicking on your trails or using the campfire outside, but in case you're feeling lazy, every kabin is equipped with a cutlery and a microwave.

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Is the weather too warm for you during this time of the year, enjoy a bit of airconditiong to cool down, the availability all depends on the landlord


Check out the photos and stories our customers have shared with us

Thanks for the great holiday!!

Thank you so much for the great holiday, it was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had. My husband and I both work very hard jobs and this vacation was our great little escape. We had a lot of fun, but most importantly, we felt calm. Everything from the region to the cabin was great.

Best vacation ever!

This vacation was the most memorable we’ve ever had. We stayed near a Bruges (about a 20minute buss ride), we visited the city 2 times and the other days we enjoyed the peace and quiet of the cabin we were staying in. It’s incredible to think that there are such calm places near a big city like that.

Prachtige website

Zeer mooie en correcte site, als het aan mij lag zou je 100% krijgen!

-Christophe Laprudence








Check out the photos and stories our customers have shared with us

What's included in the price?
Everything except the food. We try to make Kabin as seamless experience as possible so you do not have to pay extra for ameneties.
What are the check in and out times?
You can come at any time as all Kabins are equipped with a keypad lock. You have to be out by midday of your last day.
Do we have any neighbors?
That changes location from location. Some are all alone in the woods, others form a tiny community. Read each advertisement(right word?) in detail so you won't be surprised.
Can I gift a Kabin experience to someone?
Yes, please purchase a gift card here. Given the prices vary wildly, we offer values of 500, 1000 and 2000€. The remainder after it is redeemed will be deposited on your account.
Do we have a referral program?
Yes, both as a consumer and landlord. Find more about it here.

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